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Jumat, 11 April 2008

How to start a business with zero budget

When thinking of starting a business, one of the things that the person has to take into consideration is cost. In most cases, the establishment of an Internet businesses generally involve expenditure on the following issues:
• Web Hosting - of course, you need a host who helps you configure your Internet activity. Their services can include a domain name; manager mail and POP mail accounts. Fees for their services can cost from $ 70 to $ 800 per year depending on the services you used.
• Sales Letters - you must dedicate to the sale effective letters to be sent to market your product. Although this may not cost much, you are going to have to spend a lot of time to distribute them.
• Payment System - to protect your former Digital Product illegal sharing between users, you must have a system like DLGuard. Installation usually costs about US $ 127.
• Monitoring System - You will also need a system to track sales performance and create real-time reports. In this way, you will be able to see how your product performs and how well it sells to your target market. By analyzing this data, you can discover the weaknesses of your product sales page for improvement. In addition, you will be able to keep track of your sales records, the best and worst days.
• Cost of Network-establishment of a business network is critical to the success of an enterprise. Although most of them offer free membership, there are still some portals networking that charge you a certain amount to the same membership fees or commissions. Most of these Internet companies set aside a large part of their capital to the costs of marketing and advertising. With millions of consumers relying on the Internet to provide easy access to information on products, it is not surprising that the effectiveness of online marketing has become a priority. But instead of wasting money on ads unnecessary, there is a growing number of Internet companies that rely on affiliate marketing. Basically, the marketing affiliate, you can market products without spending outrageous sums on advertising. Marketing online or affiliates will do the job for you in the promotion of your products on their websites. Each item or product will be sold the subsidiary earn a certain amount of affiliate commission. It is very simple and profitable market and sell your products online. Many companies swear by the affiliate marketing especially since it has saved a lot of money.
Having established how affiliate marketing can help you, you must now find a reliable online network of affiliate marketing portal that can provide all your business needs to the Internet free to all! As one of the leaders of affiliate marketing network of Internet portals in the community, Click2Sell.EU ( can provide an effective means for sales and marketing of your products. It already has a built-in affiliate network, a large choice of payment methods, user-friendly interface and an advanced reporting and tracking system. All you have to do is to record and save your product or point of sale on the Marketplace.
Click2Sell affiliates do the rest! The best thing is that you will only be charged a small amount for each product you sell and you can conveniently pay affiliates as well! At the end of the day, you enjoy a nice profit, as well as big savings to any problem

Rabu, 09 April 2008

You Can Succeed Making Bussines Online

There's a lot of people who say you can not make money online is that they are all scams tell you that. Then have people tell you that they tried and failed or knew some of the money lost one. There is a high possibility that the problem is that they have, for marketing on the Internet is wrong. When online, the correct way to a dramatic impact on the market if it is a outcome You must begin to effectively create a marketing plan. There are some simple things, the plan must be included. You need to know your product and market, the outlook for your people know how to know where to compete. Grasp for a product or service to sell, you must, you can try to make sure, please. If you want to use this product, and then become aware of the strength and weakness. You will also be able to answer questions about it and have the potential prospects. Once known for his strong point is you who is the next target audience is identified. Now you can set up a marketing campaign to promote the strengths of the product. This allows the target audience not to advertise in the future. This is half the battle in Internet marketing, too many people who can advertise and target audience. Car commercials look at the company's children's programming is running commercials, and the target audience is not there and not the waste of time and money. It is necessary, the Internet and the same. Now you know your target market, you need to know where you are expected. They will find an online anywhere. Open your products on the market is not the only such power it off. On friendly terms, the view is what they are looking for, what their problems are. Ands since you know your product's strengths and weaknesses can figure out how to have a product to provide a solution though. This is something to build on the marketing campaign. You will want to study your competition. Get to know the strengths and weaknesses of their products are. Once you know the weaknesses can be out of your point of marketing. They refer to anyone they please, how to advertise advertising. They have to do something, you can incorporate ads? Once you have all the information for the product that you can be competitive as targeted and effective marketing plan to assemble. Put it all together and attractive prospects on the strengths of your product to show and how your product to be competitive and help to solve the problem. To succeed online is one important thing you need. It is not to quit. Success will not happen overnight. It takes time and research. Once you please try to work if the approach is not something different. However, if it fails, not only quit.

Rabu, 02 April 2008

Statistik & Tracker

Beberapa hari yang lalu saya menulis pengalaman membuat shoutbox, kali ini saya akan menuliskan cara memasang aksesoris lain yang tidak kalah penting dan banyak di pakai oleh para blogger, yaitu memasang statistik dan tracker, dengan kita memasang statistik maka kita yang punya blog maupun pengunjung bisa mengtahui berapa pengunjung yang datang ke blog kita dan mereka datang dari mana.
Untuk mendapatkannya silahkan ikuti langkah-langkah berikut :
1. Silahkan kunjungi situs
2. klik tulisan Sign Up untuk melakukan pendaftaran
3. klik tombol bertuliskan Next
4. Klik tombol Next lagi
5. Isi semua tabel yang ada lalu klik tombol Next lagi
6. Isi lagi tabel yang ada, lalu klik tombol Next lagi
7. klik tombol Next lagi
8. klik tombol Next lagi
9. Setelah ada keterangan proses sign up selesai, anda harus melakukan veryfikasi, silahkan buka email yg anda berikan
10. Buka email yang datang dari, di dalamnya ada username dan password anda untuk login ke
11. Silahkan login dengan id anda
12. Bila sudah login, Klik menu Manager
13. Klik Menu Meter Style untuk memilih gaya dari site meter anda
14. Pilih style yang anda sukai, kemudian klik tombol Select
15. Klik menu HTML Code
16. Klik tulisan Adding site Meter to a Site
17. copy semua kode HTML yang di berikan lalu paste pada Notepad
18. Klik menu Logout untuk keluar dari situs tersebut
Selesai, tinggal memasukan kode yang kita dapat ke dalam blog kita

Sekarang tugas kita adalah memasukan kode yang sudah kita dapat ke dalam blog, ikuti langkah- langkah berikut :
khusus blog dengan template klasik :
a. Sign in di blogger dengan id anda
b. Klik menu TEMPLATE
c. Klik Edit HTML
d. Klik Edit (yang ada pada bar menu browser anda)
e. Klik Find (on this page)... ? untuk mempercepat pencarian
f. Tuliskan kata dimana anda ingin tempatkan, contoh di blog saya adalah blogger (karena dekat dengan tombol blogger) klik Find
g. Copy & paste kode yang telah di simpan di notepad tadi, lalu klik tombol Preview untuk melihat perubahan yang terjadi
h. Jika sudah cocok dengan perubahan tadi, Klik Save Template Changes. Selesai

Sedikit tambahan, bila anda ingin site meter posisinya berada di tengah-tengah, tinggal tambah kode
...kode site meter...

Untuk blog dengan Template baru :
a. Login di blogger dengan ID anda
b. Klik menu layout
c. Klik Elemen Halaman
d. Klik Tambahkan sebuah Elemen Halaman
e. Klik TAMBAHKAN KE BLOG pada menu HTML/JavaScript
f. Tulis Judul site meter anda pada isian di sebelah form judul (bila ingin ada keterangan. kalau tidak, ya kosongkan saja)
g. Copy & paste kode Site meter pada kolom isian
h. Klik tombol Simpan Perubahan
i. Klik Elemen yang baru anda buat tadi, tahan lalu pindahkan ke tempat yang anda inginkan ( di drag & drop)
j. Klik tombol PRATINJAU untuk melihat perubahan yang baru di lakukan
Bila sudah cocok dengan perubahan tadi, klik tombol SIMPAN